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Tricks for Transforming your Venue

Rachel Moore

You don't have to love everything about a venue to transform it into your dream wedding space! Here are some easy fixes for the most common complaints.

Carpet. Don't worry if the carpet wouldn't be your first choice. Once the tables, chairs, stage, and dance floor have been installed, your guests will see very little of the actual carpet. To ensure this is the case, plan a statement piece in the middle of the room that will draw their eyes. Among other ideas to consider are a floral installation hanging from the ceiling or a unique dance floor.

Wallpaper. Does the wallpaper scream country French when you're looking for art deco?  Find a pattern you love and make it into a GOBO (a patterned light projection). By shining this on the walls, you'll elevate the wallpaper into a stunning light feature!

Linens and Chairs. If you're not happy with the venue's linens and chairs, consider renting others! From rustic, wooden farm tables and benches to elegant linens and colored glassware, find the rental items that best fulfill your vision. If budget is a concern, rent specific pieces that will have a big impact -- like a love seat or king and queen chairs for the bride and groom or a specialty linen for the cake table.