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Be a Happy Couple with the Appy Couple

Rachel Moore

Sending mass text messages and emails to your wedding guests was so 2010. According toThe New York Times, there is now a smartphone app for that. “Appy Couple” is a new wedding app that has the capability to replace traditional wedding planning methods “for the tech-savvy, fast-moving and multitasking bride.”

While there are several wedding apps (iWedding DeluxeWedding GawkerWeddingScan, etc.), Appy Couple differentiates itself by helping you communicate with your guests in real-time. Whether you need to send directions, event details, dates, locations, travel accommodations, last-minute changes, or just want to upload new pictures, you have the ability to do so instantaneously.

Your custom wedding app will match the tone and motif of your wedding. You can include pictures, music, the sappy story of how you met, and more. Guests with a smartphone can download it directly to their phone. Those without a smartphone can access the application through a website that is included with each custom app.

As soon as “the app has been created, the couple can enter their guest list manually or upload it from a spreadsheet, and invite family and friends to access the app for free, using a special code.” Need to communicate instructions to your family and bridal party? Don’t worry…there is a privacy function that allows you to send private messages to select people. Guests can also upload pictures and post messages to the couple’s message board. These live-stream pictures are great for those who can’t make it to your big day!

While Appy Couple is currently free (invitation-only), they expect to begin a pay model this fall. So get it now, and you really will be a h-Appy Couple!