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Rachel Moore

Everyone has butterflies on his or her wedding day. We’re not talking about the beautiful, winged creatures released into the air. Rather, we mean the kind that flit and flutter around in your belly!

With so many details, expectations and logistics whirling around in their heads, what do most brides worry about? You might be surprised. Here are some fears that real brides shared with TheKnot.com:

“I’m scared that my dress won’t fit.” – Batta

“Being an ugly crier and getting makeup on the dress.” – Christina

“People wearing white to my wedding.” – Nicole

“My biggest fear is Mother Nature.” – Elizabeth

Whether you loathe public speaking and are nervous about your vows or are always late and want to ensure you’re on time for your big day, don’t fret. You’re not alone. Every bride has something she’s nervous about. (Shameless plug alert: Unless, of course, she’s hired a wedding planner to make sure her big day goes off without a hitch!)

What are your fears?

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