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Cakes Through the Ages

Rachel Moore

Did you know that wedding cakes originated in ancient Rome? And so did the tradition of missing your betrothed’s mouth with said cake! According to a Yahoo! article, Roman marriages were “solidified by the groom smashing barley cake over his bride’s head.” (Sounds like a recipe for divorce to us!) Later, as “sugar became more plentiful in England in the 16th century,” refined sugar was used “to create pure white icing to symbolize not only the bride’s purity but the families’ affluence as well.” Click here to view this Yahoo! article, which features wedding cakes from 1947, 1951, 1952, and 1963.

Unlike in the past, today’s wedding cakes — especially groom’s cakes — are becoming increasingly more creative, delicious and downright artistic. Couples are choosing cakes that fit the theme of their wedding, like cowboy boots if they are having a ranch wedding or a football stadium if they share a favorite sports team.\