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Guys, Listen up!

Rachel Moore

This blog post is meant for all you men out there. Men, put some thought and planning into your marriage proposal!

Consider the Dallasite, for example, who recently took the saying “go big or go home” to a whole new level. After a weekend in Disney World, he and his girlfriend boarded a flight for Dallas. Hours later, as the aircraft descended upon Dallas, he asked his lady to take a picture of the city 1,700 feet below. Little did she know, he had arranged for a 5,000-square-foot banner reading, “Sara, will you marry me?” to be placed on top of the Winspear Opera House. Apparently, in-flight proposals happen more than you’d think! To read more about this elaborate proposal, click here.

I’m not suggesting you coordinate a flyover, a flash mob or do anything completely over the top that has the potential to go viral. In fact, I’m a big fan of proposals that are intimate and sentimental. Below are some pointers to make that day even more memorable and special.

My good friend and fabulous photographer, Amy Karp of Amy Karp Photography, has recently started documenting engagements. Yes, she hides in the bushes (not in a creepy way) and takes pictures of the entire proposal, from the man dropping to one knee and pulling out the ring to the woman’s response. What an amazing way to relive this glorious day!

If you and your lovely lady can afford to travel, plan a trip somewhere exotic. According toYahoo News, the best places to propose are Queenstown, New Zealand; Verona, Italy; Serengeti National Park, Tanzania; St. Lucia; Praque; Bali, Indonesia; Big Sur, California; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and Kauai, Hawaii. But, let’s be real, not everyone can swing a surprise trip across the world!

So, whether you cook a candlelight dinner, organize a scavenger hunt, revisit the place you first met, or have a picnic in the park, just be yourself and speak from the heart. And, of course, call us as soon as she says, “YES!”

For the top ten best marriage proposals according to The Knot, click here.