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Mix and Match

Rachel Moore

If you’re like most bridesmaids, you’ve probably been forced to purchase a dress that you (1) didn’t want to buy, (2) don’t feel beautiful in, and (3) will never wear again. Bridesmaid dresses are normally designed to fit every shape and taste and, as a result, often seem generic. Moreover, they’re usually made of less expensive, synthetic fibers because they are typically constructed with one-time-wear in mind. But, good news! According to the Wall Street Journal, unflattering, synchronized bridesmaid dresses from bridal houses are becoming a thing of the past. (HOORAY!)

Instead, brides are outfitting their best pals in “flattering, non-identical dresses from fashion-forward ready-to-wear designers.” In fact, Annelise Peterson, director of client relations and special projects for Net-a-Porter, insists that not only are synchronized dresses outdated, but “the idea of the cookie-cutter fairy-tale wedding has gone out of fashion.” Net-a-Porter’s personal shopping service is a frequent resource for brides interested in selecting mismatched dresses from different designers for their wedding party. Alternatively, many brides-to-be are allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dresses within specific guidelines (i.e., length, color palate, etc.). This ensures that each bridesmaid’s personality, which is likely what you love about your friends, shines through.

And what about groomsmen? We haven’t forgotten about you! The trend for groomsmen is to allow each to wear a suit he already owns, thereby eliminating the ill-fitting, rented suits and tuxedos. Then, matching ties and pocket squares are added for a more uniform look. Grooms can even fill two needs with one deed by presenting their groomsmen with ties and pocket squares as gifts!

For a look at this WSJ article, click here.