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Rachel Moore

1. Bringing back the 90’s. This means featuring 1990’s tunes on the dance floor, passing out temporary tattoos as favors, hiring break dancing troupes to perform and wearing 90’s-inspired bridal gowns. (By the way, we LOVE the Hayley Paige two-piece, crop-top dress pictured above).

2. Social media bans. It’s disappointing for brides and grooms to see their family and friends tweeting, instagraming and facebooking instead of enjoying the action. Hosts want guests to relax, put their phones down and have a good time. After all, that’s why they hired a photographer! Many couples also want to monitor which pictures get posted. (No, Instagram filters cannot make everything look good!)

3. Action-packed long weekend weddings. It makes sense. Your guests flew into town for your wedding weekend, and you want to entertain them. Guests really do appreciate this. However, make sure they know they are not obligated to attend festivities all weekend long.

4. Flowers. Flowers have always been an important aspect of weddings. But expect floral arrangements to be bigger and better than ever this year. You’ll see more elaborate flowers — from floral walls to cascading arrangements.

5. Bright colors. Say goodbye to muted tones. In 2014, it’s all about bright, fun colors. Think pops of fuchsia, tangerine and deep indigo. The key to pulling off color is to pick a single color and use it to accent more muted tones.

6. Sharable weddings. We were introduced to wedding hashtags last year, and that trend will continue to gain momentum. We’ll also see more cell phone charging stations,  social media buttons installed in photo booths and even live-streamed weddings.

7. Dramatic photo booths. Hello, slow motion photo booths! If you’ve never seen one before, we urge you to check it out. You won’t be able to refrain from smiling! For more information on slow motion photo booths, see this Huffington Post article and video — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/30/slow-motion-video-booth_n_4179176.html

8. Woodland weddings. Sean Parker took this theme literally. He threw a multimillion dollar Lord of the Rings-type wedding, complete with custom bridges, stone castle, artificial pond and live bunnies. But, you don’t have to go to extremes. Create your fairytale vibe using lush greenery, ethereal decor and dreamy floral instead.

9. Blingy necklines. This year is all about the jeweled neckline. We highly encourage brides sporting interesting necklines or keyhole backs to wear their hair up to show off the intricacies of their dress. (The jeweled-top dress featured above is also from Hayley Paige!)

For more information on these trends, click here.