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Wedding Registries

Rachel Moore

I found a wonderful article on Yahoo News about the new trend in wedding registries. Here is the gist:

With more couples living together before tying the knot, they no longer need wedding gifts like fancy toasters, luxurious linens or expensive cookware. Instead, couples are asking for items outside the department store.

Honeymoon Fund

It has become quite customary to add a “Honey Fund” to your registry. In fact, there have been several websites (HoneyFundHoneymoonWishes, and TravelersJoy) for guests who would like to contribute to the couple’s honeymoon as their gift. This might include upgrading the newlyweds to first-class on their flight or to a suite in their hotel, purchasing massages for them, or providing money toward food, souvenirs or anything else purchased on the trip.

New Home

For engaged couples ready to move out of an apartment and into a home, websites likeHatchMyHouse and MyDreamHomeRegistry allow wedding guests to contribute money to the couple’s savings account.


Once the couple moves into the house of their dreams, why not let guests help furnish it with art and unique decor?


As the average age of married couples has risen, so has their income. For those who have everything they need, there are now sites like ChangingThePresent that allows you to create a special registry to ask guests to donate to your favorite charity. Will and Kate did it; now you could have royalty status, too!