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Wedding Wardrobe Tips for Men

Rachel Moore

This post is for men (or for women who dress their men!). You’ve been invited to a summer wedding but have no idea what to wear. Just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean you can show up in shorts and a t-shirt! Here are a few tips to determine the appropriate attire:

1. What time of day is the wedding? Is it an afternoon affair or an evening function? An afternoon wedding is much more casual, calling for a light-colored suit. You should wear a dark suit, however, for an evening function.

2. Where is the wedding? Is it in a fancy hotel or on a beach? While you should wear a nice, dark suit to a wedding at a fancy hotel, you could don a white polo shirt with a khaki suit for a beach wedding.

3. How formal is the invitation? Is it calligraphy or an e-vite? Cotton clothing tends to be more casual. So, the more formal the invitation, the more formal the fabric of your clothing.

And finally, if you want to show your personality, feel free to do so in your choice of ties, socks and accessories.