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Picking Flowers

Rachel Moore

Photo Credit: Joseph Marks Photography

Photo Credit: Joseph Marks Photography

No matter the size of your floral budget, you'll be able to stretch it much further by keeping the following tips in mind: 

Shop seasonally. We know, peonies are your favorite flower, but they're not available year round. Unless you plan your wedding for peony season, you may have to substitute another flower like the garden rose. Flowers are less expensive and in the best condition when they're in the peak of their blooming season. Plan your wedding date accordingly if you absolutely must have a particular flower; otherwise, be flexible!  

Do your research. Having a destination wedding? Be sure to research the local agriculture laws. Since most islands restrict flower imports, for instance, you might want to consider some native exotic blooms that match your decor instead of flying in tulips from your hometown. 

Consider the weather. Whether you're getting married in the winter or summer, stick with flowers that will keep their shape under extreme weather conditions. Ranunculus, dahlias, callas, delphinium and tulips can survive colder temperatures. Adventurous brides may want to embellish their winter nuptials with non-floral accents like pine cones, dusty miller, snowberries and even feathers! Resilient flowers like orchids, birds of paradise, lilies and roses are perfect for beach settings. Keep these blooms in cooler temperatures and out of the sun for as long as possible for optimal freshness.