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Life's a party. Hosting events is fun. Planning them should be, too!


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Don't forget the sedative(s)!

Rachel Moore

Whether you’re hosting a corporate holiday party, non-profit fundraiser or wedding, rest assured that “situations” may arise. As event planners, our job is to anticipate and troubleshoot potential glitches. From hoisting bar tops through a window because they wouldn’t fit up the staircase to sewing a bride’s dress after her groom ripped it during their first dance, we have dealt with it all and love the problem-solving aspect of our job. Of course, it helps to be prepared. That’s why we bring our “emergency kit” to every event. It includes Tide to Go pens, safety pins, tape, pain relievers, clear nail polish, antacids, smelling salts, sewing kit, mints, blotting papers, lip balm, sunscreen, deodorant, and so much more.

For those of you who think you don’t need a day-of emergency kit, the Center for Disease Control has an entertaining message for you. (See video below.) Their recently released Wedding Day Survival Guide states that “planning for a wedding isn’t that much different than planning for a disaster.” It then goes on to discuss some necessary items to have in your wedding day emergency kit, including sedatives (plural).

We like to take a more positive approach to the subject and say that planning an event can, and should, be fun! Your job is to be the life of the party; ours is to give you the peace of mind to do so.