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Talk about Traditions!

Rachel Moore

If YouTube is any indication, marriage proposals in America have become increasingly elaborate. Men are planning scavenger hunts, creating flash mobs, and hiring photographers to hide in the bushes to capture the big moment on film. (If you haven’t already seen Isaac Lamb’s proposal, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_v7QrIW0zY.)

But in other parts of the world, the proposal is the easy part! I read an article in Yahoo news about engagement and wedding traditions in other countries and thought it was definitely blog-worthy. Here are some of the more interesting traditions mentioned.

Tujia people of China: One month before the wedding, the bride-to-be slips into the hall to cry for one hour every night until her wedding day. Her female relatives eventually join her and they all cry together. The Tujia people believe that the sobs offset the joyous occasion, leading to a happier marriage.

Kyrgyzstan: The man kidnaps the bride-to-be. If the couple can successfully spend two-to-three days together, the woman officially becomes his wife.

Polynesia: The groom must wrestle a shark a few days before the wedding ceremony.

Korea: The groom’s feet are beat with a fish in a ritual that prepares him for his wedding night.

Brazil: Grooms must tame an unbridled donkey.

Czech Republic: During the ceremony, a plate is thrown at the couples’ feet. Once the couple returns home, family and friends throw nuts, grains, coins and figs at them. This ritual was initiated to appease ancient gods.

So, all you guys racking your brains to come up with creative ways to propose to the girl of your dreams, count yourself lucky. At least you won’t have to wrestle a shark or tame an unbridled donkey!