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Make a Difference

Rachel Moore

After any event, you’re likely to have decor left over. The question then becomes, “What to do with everything?” If you have enough room, you can always store it until you need it next. But with that mentality, you could well be on your way to becoming a hoarder! How much more rewarding it is to make someone’s day by donating the goods.

We threw a FABULOUS fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at El Fenix a few weeks ago (pictures to come). Lo and behold, we had tons of pinatas, sombreros, paper flower centerpieces, and other miscellaneous decor leftover. What better place to bring them thanChildren’s Medical Center of Dallas?! It brightened our day to see kids in wheelchairs smile and point to the bin filled with colorful fiesta items.

Today’s motto: Make a difference. Give to others, and you will feel much more fulfilled.