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You Are Cordially Invited

Rachel Moore

The Wall Street Journal featured an interesting article on invitations. The author interviewed one of our favorite international event planners, Colin Cowie. Many people feel that they can skimp in the invitation department. However, an invitation is the first communication to your guests and speaks volumes about the style of your event. According to Colin Cowie, “Your invitation plants the first seed for what’s to come.”

Chairing a fundraiser? Don’t send out $500 invitations as this sends the wrong message. Instead, chose a basic printed or etched card on thick stock. Is there a whimsical theme to your fundraiser? If so, make sure to choose a font that will portray that theme.

Sending invitations to a wedding? These more formal invitations should be printed and mailed. Try to accomplish Colin Cowie’s “J.D. moment,” a really amazing invitation that is jaw-dropping. This could include using specialty papers that feel like silk, suede, or animal skin, or sending the invitation in a luxurious box or scroll.

Hosting a casual summer bash? For laid-back affairs, it is acceptable to use electronic invitations. Not only is this method less expensive, but it is eco-friendly. If you do decide to go this route, make sure that you add warm touches to make it personal. This could include pictures, music, video, or simply wording that sounds like you.

Another element that adds personalization to your invitations is custom stamps. Design a stamp that fits the event theme, whether it be a picture of the bride and groom or the non-profit’s branding.