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Picking a Date

Rachel Moore

When you envision yourself walking down the aisle, do you picture a winter wonderland or a lavish spring affair? Choosing a date can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. After all, the date will dictate all other aspects of the event. We loved this article from Yahoo and wanted to share this information with our readers. Here are some things to consider when selecting a date.

Weather. Have you always dreamt of an outdoor wedding? Your guests won’t be too thrilled if they are freezing outside in a snow storm or broiling in the heat. Even if you’re playing it safe with an indoor affair, the time of year will affect more than just the temperature. It will also affect your seasonal flower selection, as well as your local food options. In general, you can plan for weather based on past records. We recommend our clients look at the Farmers Almanac when considering a date. Finally, be aware that every city has peak wedding months, which are often related to the weather. Getting married during off-peak seasons will allow you to better negotiate with vendors.

Holidays. It may seem like a good idea to tie the knot on a holiday (NYE, July 4, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), but think again. Your wedding will be more costly — staff have to be paid overtime and floral prices are often inflated — and so will airline and hotel expenses for your out-of-t0wn guests.  Moreover, think how difficult it will be to enjoy quiet, romantic anniversaries in the future when the rest of the world is celebrating a holiday along with you! Choose a wedding date because of its significance to you, not because it’s also a major holiday.

Timing. Don’t rush; give yourself plenty of time to plan. This should be an enjoyable process, not a race against the calendar. Ordering a wedding gown can take six-to-eight months, and a custom-designed gown can take more than a year to create. Be sure to visit various bands playing at other weddings to determine which one you like best. But most importantly, enjoy this time!