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Saying Yes to the Dress

Rachel Moore

Bridal gown shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many styles, textures and colors to choose from within a huge price spectrum (who knew there were a gazillion shades of ivory?!). How do you determine which dress to choose?

Many people make the mistake of bringing a large entourage with them when they shop for bridal gowns. We recommend taking no more than three people. The fewer outside opinions, the easier it is to decide what you like best.

Secondly, select individuals who actually want you to look beautiful. This may seem obvious, but often brides invite a large group of friends who subconsciously sabotage the appointment because of jealousy. Bring your mom or other family member whom you trust, as well as your best friend.

Third, consider what looks best on you. While it’s great to look at pictures before your appointment, don’t have your heart set on one dress. You may not have the same figure as the model in the picture and, thus, the dress may fit differently. Have an idea of the style you want, and then keep an open mind.

And don’t forget to let your personality shine. Yes, we want you to choose a dress that you will look back at in 20 years and still love, so don’t go super outrageous. At the same time, this is your day…have fun with it!

Finally, think about your wedding venue. Are you getting married in a cathedral or on the beach? The venue will dictate the style you should lean toward.

If you want to know what’s the hottest selling dress in your city, check out this article fromThe Wall Street Journal— http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304707604577422222567639682.html. See, even wedding dresses are newsworthy!

Shout out to our Cornell friend, Hayley Paige. We LOVE her designs! http://www.jlmcouture.com/bridal-gowns