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Wedding Planning Don'ts

Rachel Moore

Planning a wedding is exciting, and you’ll get lots of advice about what to do. Just as important, however, is knowing what you shouldn’t do! Here are some helpful tips, based on our years of experience:


  • Don’t hire vendors before selecting and consulting with your wedding planner. One of the many benefits of hiring a planner is gaining access to her knowledge of vendors.
  • Don’t designate a friend or family member to be the “go-between” between you and your planner. We know you’re busy — but direct communication prevents miscommunication — and we promise not to take up more time than needed!
  • Your wedding planner will probably give you a monthly checklist to keep you on track. Don’t procrastinate! It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll write your vows and choose your music later, but you’ll be busy attending showers, writing thank-you notes, handling last-minute details and getting ready for your big day before you know it.

Guest List

  • Don’t invite more guests than you can actually afford to have accept, and keep in mind that the best way to reduce expenses is to limit your guest list. Among other costs, the guest count will have a direct impact on everything from food and beverage to the number of tables, chairs, linen, centerpieces and even welcome bags you’ll need.
  • Although you can never accurately predict who will and won’t come, don’t create an A and B guest list. Those on the B list will surely know when they receive a last-minute invitation.
  • Don’t invite a guest to more than one bridal shower. Extending numerous invitations may make people to feel like you’re taking advantage of them and seeking gifts.

Gift Registry

  • Don’t skip registering for gifts even if you’d prefer cash. If you don’t register for gifts, you will end up receiving items you didn’t want in the first place. Guests who like giving checks will give you checks. Go ahead and register for those who like to give tangible gifts.


  • Don’t give your bridesmaids free reign to choose their own dresses. Choose a color in a certain designer’s line of dresses. Give them input about the neckline and length. You want to ensure that they look cohesive in pictures.